Work Here

  • DC is a central hub for both the public and private sectors with access to a growing Tech and Biotech industries.
  • Alumni have gone on to receive leadership roles in notable institutions as the National Endowment for the Creative Arts, The Smithsonian Institute, National Geographic, Deloitte Consulting, and more.

DC is a great place to work because it brings together people from all over the country and it brings together people from all over the world. The federal government is headquartered here. So lots of opportunities come along with that.

To be able to learn something and then to go out into the world. Literally one Metro step away and experience it is really kind of like the best part of being so engrained in the city.

The DC region is home to many industries and many opportunities. From public sector to private sector. There's a growing technology corridor in Northern Virginia.

Environmental organizations, there's a lot of nonprofit organizations, a lot of national service organizations.

Biotechnology, lots of museums in the area for people who are interested in arts and humanities.

All of our professors are so well connected in their fields. Connected nationally and internationally

And they can leverage those contacts, sometimes through in-classroom opportunities where students do consultation projects for local organizations. Within six months of graduation, nine out of 10 AU students have landed a job or found a graduate school program to continue their studies. And of those who have found a job 50% found those jobs before they even graduated.