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  • Career Center offers career advising and job postings within the DC sphere.
  • AU Alumni network features about 130,000 active professionals.
  • Master’s programs prepare students for industry and well as for competitive PhD programs across the country and internationally.
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Graduates from the College of Arts and Sciences are highly employable not just because of the skills that they develop—the soft skills—but because of the depth of expertise that they get within their discipline.

The College of Arts and Sciences allows students to get a lot of experience in collaboration communication as well as critical thinking.

Career Center provides an array of resources. First and foremost are the career advisors who will work with students in the College of Arts and Sciences. We offer in person appointments as well as appointments via Skype or phone for students who are working during the day, or those who are online. We also offer evening appointments two nights a week, so we try to be as accessible as possible. Employers posts, thousands of job and internship opportunities and handshakes specifically for AU students each year.

Our alumni always come back to give seminars to advise students and to help us really revise our programs. So that our Students are always ready for what's next in the workforce.

The AU alumni network is about 130,000 strong. And you can find about 100,000 people with au connections on LinkedIn alone.

The students from our programs will go to a variety of paths. Some of them just actually decide to continue their graduate work and go into a PhD programs if they got a masters. Others will go into industry, either in biotechnology or other parts of the technology industry. They've done that locally as well as throughout the country and even throughout the world.

Big employers on campus include the State Department, CIA, Google, Amazon, the National Institutes of Health, the Smithsonian Institution, virtually any federal agency as well as local governments and state governments just to name a few.