Prepare for a Changing Workforce

  • A fusion of theoretical and experiential training allows for students to become T-shaped Professionals, holding concentrated knowledge in one specific area as well as a range of skills that enable them to collaborate across multiple disciplines.
  • Holistic approaches to theoretical training help students gain the skills necessary to evolve with changing technology.

Students when they graduate today can expect to have anywhere from 12 to 15 different jobs in their lifetime.

Jobs in the future are going to look pretty much like jobs now. However, the tools that people are using the specific tools will be different.

So the nice thing about a CAS graduate degree regardless of the discipline is that students are developing the skills that they need for these jobs that don't yet exist.

The university as a whole provides a really good basis for entrepreneurial faculty and students to really shine. The students actually have to do all of the parts of project. In my group, students have to write software, even though they may be trained theoretically. I have several students that have worked with me in my research group over the years, and are now working in companies that are nearby. They told me that they've seen the value of the foundational knowledge that American University provides, as well as the practical spirit They've had working with me.

CAS prepares graduate students to be t shaped professionals who have a depth of knowledge in one specific area, as well as a breadth of skills that enable them to collaborate across multiple disciplines. Employers tell us routinely that T-shaped professionals are the people who will be adaptable for the changing world of work in the future.

AU alumni are great at giving back and connecting with AU students. There are so many alumni still in the DC area because that's what attracted them to au and they want to stay here and they connect and they come back to campus. But there are AU alumni all over the world. And this is something you take with you for the rest of your life.