• American University’s plan for Inclusive Excellence reflects our university’s commitment to diversity and inclusion for our international student body, students of color, and LGBTQ population.
  • The Anti-Racism Research and Policy Center focuses on practical ways to understand, explain, and solve intractable problems of racial inequality and injustice.
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I think diversity really creates empathy. And that's something the world could use a lot right now. So I appreciate that in this program, we have diversity and inclusion here.

The university believes that there can be no excellence in any field without inclusion.

AU has a very open campus. It's a very diverse campus. And there's a pretty large international population. It allows for intercultural dialogue. You know, students who aren't familiar with other cultures, it allows them to interact and learn from one another.

So I'm just new here, but I really like the entire AU community. I'm an international student, obviously English is not my first language. So I normally get confused and nervous to talk but everyone's so understanding and faculty members and other Master teachers students, they're being very nice with me.

So there are plenty of opportunities to work with the faculty in order to promote diversity inclusion. For example, we're building an oral history archive using the lesbian activist experiences in DC during the AIDS crisis.

This is a campus where people care about the issues, climate change, inclusion, poverty alleviation, racism. And so there's always going to be somebody on campus who will partner with you or work with you towards making your dream of a possible solution a reality.