• American University is the first urban campus in the US to reach carbon neutrality through the reduction of emissions, using green power, and purchasing strategic carbon offsets.
  • Campus arboretum and gardens include more than 3,000 trees and displays 385 different species and varieties of woody plants.
  • Faculty research on sustainability leads toward solutions that support economics prosperity, social well-being, and ecological health.

You cannot avoid emitting carbon as part of your operation if you're an institution so to become carbon neutral and be a leader in this university has purchased a heck of a lot of solar power, and we buy it from Duke Energy in North Carolina. We may be involved in a forest restoration project. Another big way is reducing our energy use. So there's projects on campus that are replacing our heating and cooling system with much more efficient methods. One thing that the dining services did is they they stopped handing out trays to students. This department a professor named Keo Kim did a study with the students, students who use trays wasted a lot more food and they just were ambitious about what they could eat. So the university is an arboretum it's basically it's a park with very well cared for plants.

Not a week goes by when I don't thank my lucky stars that I ended up here because it is a real pleasure just to wander around and go to meetings. I mean, I'm on my way to meetings like, All right, I'm crossing campus today.

AU commitment to sustainability is reflected in so many courses, hundreds and hundreds of courses. Every school has within it a substantial unit that worries about the environment or sustainability or both occasionally is like the entire campus community who does environmental work will get together and we're constantly shocked and pleased at what our colleagues are doing that we don't even know about half the time. They're just off doing these great things. And occasionally we get together and "oh my god, you're doing that," you know, everybody's got their, their feet in it.