• American University’s culture is dedicated to social justice and equity, supported throughout our 17 graduate departments.
  • On campus centers like the Anti-Racist & Research Policy Center and the Center for Health, Risk & Society provide an opportunity for students to engage and apply their skill sets throughout the DC community.

The College of Arts and Sciences is full of professors and students who are doing community engaged research and scholarship already. For example, the Anti-racist Research Center. It's bringing together academics from across campus to come up with both the community's perspectives on problems in the DC area. But also what are the potential solutions to that problem.

With all of these different majors and all of these different programs. I think that creates one of the most fruitful spaces to have different conversations. I get to kind of see how that's happening already on campus and to really like facilitate it through this new tool.

The humanities track encourages people to take whatever's happening in the university out into the communities and to encourage it thereas well.

The College of Arts and Sciences hosts a STEAM fair every year. That stands for the science, technology, engineering, arts and math. So this past year, we actually had a number of schools attend and it was really neat to see the kids faces light up and ask a lot of questions. I think some of the greatest problems that we're currently facing are being researched here in labs and American University.

Outside fellows come in to work on specific research projects, not just academics, but policymakers, journalists sometimes so that you can actually enact change based on findings.